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Arrow Asphalt LLC is a pivotal force in concrete and asphalt paving in Midwest City, OK. We provide comprehensive asphalt services tailored to meet the demands of the local environment. We specialize in both small-scale residential projects and large commercial undertakings, ensuring every pavement in Midwest City is robust and visually appealing. Our commitment to the community is evident in our attention to detail and the sustainable methods we employ. Arrow Asphalt means dependable service and exceptional results for Midwest City residents and businesses.



Arrow Asphalt LLC's comprehensive paving services in Oklahoma include everything from driveway installations to large-scale municipal projects, all of which focus on long-term durability.

  • PROVEN EXPERTISE: With over 30 years in the industry, Arrow Asphalt LLC excels in extreme-temperature paving across Oklahoma City, ensuring durability and a professional finish in every project.
  • QUALITY PAVEMENT GUARANTEED: Arrow Asphalt LLC commits to top-tier local materials and management oversight, ensuring every paving project meets the highest quality standards and customer expectations.
  • TAILORED SOLUTIONS: We assess each site individually and offer customized concrete and asphalt paving solutions, from blacktop sealing to complete driveway installations.

Things To Do in Midwest City, OK

Things To Do

Midwest City, Oklahoma, is a thriving suburb in the heart of Oklahoma County. With approximately 57,000 residents, it’s the eighth-largest city in the state. Nestled just east of Oklahoma City, Midwest City enjoys a strategic location with easy access to major highways and transportation routes.

The city is characterized by its diverse natural landscape, including nearby lakes and parks. Tinker Air Force Base, one of the largest military installations in the country, is located in Midwest City, providing employment opportunities and contributing to the city’s rich history.

Midwest City offers a variety of attractions for residents and visitors alike. Regional attractions include the Oklahoma City Zoo, Bricktown Entertainment District, and the Chesapeake Energy Arena, home to the NBA’s Oklahoma City Thunder. Additionally, the city boasts several parks and recreational facilities, such as Regional Park and Joe B. Barnes Regional Park, offering opportunities for outdoor activities and family-friendly fun. A vibrant dining scene and shopping destinations round out the city’s offerings, making Midwest City a desirable place to live and visit.

Midwest City relies on Arrow Asphalt LLC for superior pavement maintenance and sealcoating services. Trust us for your next paving project. Connect with us to discuss your needs and receive a free estimate!

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