Cracks in asphalt should tell you that your parking lot needs immediate repairs. Cracks must be dealt with quickly because they allow water to enter, worsening the quality of the entire paved area. Our crack repair services are an efficient and cost-effective way to extend the life of your parking lot, driveway, road, or any other paved area.

Crack Repairs by Arrow Asphalt Save Your Pavement

With over 30 years of experience in the paving industry and over a decade working in Oklahoma, we’re the trusted paving contractor for pavement maintenance and repairs of all kinds, including crack filling and sealing.

Understanding the proper treatment for your parking lot or driveway is crucial, and the Arrow team is here to guide you through the best options tailored to our local climate and your specific needs.


An economical option, crack filling is typically used for non-active cracks—those that do not show movement due to temperature changes. Ideal for maintaining pavement in milder climates with less severe temperature fluctuations, filling involves the application of materials such as liquid asphalt, tar emulsions, and cutbacks as a temporary fix. This method is effective in the short term and can quickly prevent further surface deterioration.


On the other hand, sealing offers a more durable solution for managing cracks that experience significant thermal movement. Particularly beneficial in regions like Oklahoma City, where temperatures can vary dramatically, sealing utilizes high-quality, flexible sealants like rubberized asphalt and self-leveling silicone. This method can significantly extend the life of your paved areas, with effects lasting up to eight years or more, making it a wise investment for long-term pavement maintenance.

Arrow Asphalt commits to delivering top-quality pavement treatments that cater to the demands of both residential and commercial properties. Whether you opt for the immediate cost-saving benefits of crack filling or the long-lasting durability of sealing, our team ensures meticulous application and optimal results.

Oklahoma City Property Owners! Contact Arrow Asphalt when you see pavement cracks!

For reliable, effective pavement maintenance solutions that withstand time and weather, trust Arrow Asphalt. Our skilled professionals are ready to extend the life of your parking lot, driveway, or roadway with industry-leading paving techniques and materials. The Arrow team works quickly and professionally to reduce headaches on your next pavement crack repair project.

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