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The people of Purcell, OK, know great professional paving work because of the contributions of Arrow Asphalt LLC, which is always striving to provide top-tier paving solutions through superior leadership, constant integrity, and ceaseless hard work. We have extensive experience in paving throughout the climate and extreme temperatures of Oklahoma, ensuring that your pavement endures through our well-honed processes, including driveway installation, municipal paving services, pavement maintenance, and chip seal. Arrow Asphalt LLC is committed to providing only the best customer service and workmanship standards, ensuring that the honored property owners of Purcell receive the benefits of our deep dedication to excellence.



Arrow Asphalt in Oklahoma brings over 30 years of experience to every paving project, ensuring professional results every time.

  • PROVEN EXPERTISE: With over 30 years in the industry, Arrow Asphalt LLC excels in extreme-temperature paving across Oklahoma City, ensuring durability and a professional finish in every project.
  • QUALITY PAVEMENT GUARANTEED: Arrow Asphalt LLC commits to top-tier local materials and management oversight, ensuring every paving project meets the highest quality standards and customer expectations.
  • TAILORED SOLUTIONS: We assess each site individually and offer customized concrete and asphalt paving solutions, from blacktop sealing to complete driveway installations.

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Purcell, the county seat of McClain County, OK, is known as the “Quarterhorse Capital of the World” and proudly carries the motto “Heart of Oklahoma.” With a population of over 6,500, this community is experiencing steady growth. Founded in 1887 as a railroad town, Purcell was named after an influential railway official. It was the sole town bordering the Unassigned Lands, attracting settlers even before the 1889 Land Rush, with town lots available as early as 1887. The town achieved incorporation in 1898.

The area is renowned for its historic landmarks, many of which underwent extensive renovations costing over $1 million in the 1990s. Downtown features Victorian lamp posts, landscaped islands, and restored storefronts.

Hotel Love, a three-story Victorian brick building, includes a bed and breakfast, retail offices, storefronts, and an antique store. The McClain County Courthouse, a turn-of-the-century brick building, has been significantly restored. The US 77 James C. Nance Memorial Bridge, an older-style bridge, was restored to ensure safety while preserving its historical charm.

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