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Professional paving services in New Castle, OK, are almost always entrusted to Arrow Asphalt LLC because we know the Oklahoma area very well and can always tailor our paving solutions to match the locals’ needs, the climate differences, and the specific physical requirements of any paving installation. We’ve served the great state of Oklahoma with private driveway installation, roads, and highways, parking lot paving, and crack sealing for more than 13 years; our company always prioritizes our customers by listening to them, taking the time to understand their vision for their property, and executing the plan within the bounds that our customers desire. Our management is always involved in every project, ensuring details are not overlooked by overseeing them personally.



With a history of tackling projects in extreme temperatures, Arrow Asphalt LLC is Oklahoma's go-to expert for durable paving solutions.

  • PROVEN EXPERTISE: With over 30 years in the industry, Arrow Asphalt LLC excels in extreme-temperature paving across Oklahoma City, ensuring durability and a professional finish in every project.
  • QUALITY PAVEMENT GUARANTEED: Arrow Asphalt LLC commits to top-tier local materials and management oversight, ensuring every paving project meets the highest quality standards and customer expectations.
  • TAILORED SOLUTIONS: We assess each site individually and offer customized concrete and asphalt paving solutions, from blacktop sealing to complete driveway installations.

Things To Do in Newcastle, OK

Things To Do

Newcastle is part of the Oklahoma City Metropolitan Area and one of the cities of McClain County, OK. Over 11,000 people live in the area locally, and it is one of the bulwarks of the region and the backbone of its economic diversity.

Originally becoming a dot on the map due to the opening of a new post office in 1894, Newcastle was located inside the Chickasaw Nation. Many of the locals were involved in ranching, the town wasn’t formally incorporated until 1962, when it was incorporated as South Newcastle. In 1965, a petition to rename it passed, resulting in the city’s modern name of Newcastle.

The area is well-known for local eateries that are worth visiting. Luigi’s Famiglia in Newcastle is one of the better places to turn for authentic Italian cuisine in Oklahoma. Jimmy’s Egg is a traditional diner for all of your diner needs, from basic eggs to well-crafted country-fried steaks.

Earlywine Park is one of the best places to turn for outdoor enjoyment, featuring a public pool, water slides, and more. Get Air is a local entertainment center that is a great place to go for the nearby sport courts, which are worth your time. The Orr Family Farm is a place for the entire family to visit and enjoy, featuring places for the kiddos to play and premium products for the parents to purchase.

No matter the professional paving work you need, Arrow Asphalt LLC will help you promptly and without hassle. Call us today for a free estimate. We’re happy to walk you through the entire paving process from start to finish.

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