Arrow Asphalt LLC excels in maintaining paved surfaces to extend their lifespan and enhance appearance. Our pavement maintenance services include line striping for clear and visible markings and comprehensive crack repair through crack filling and sealing techniques.

Maintaining Your Pavement with Arrow Asphalt, OKC’s Paving Experts

With over 30 years in the paving industry and over a decade in the Oklahoma City area, we understand what local property owners need to keep their businesses, schools, churches, parks, and residential properties looking good. Our asphalt maintenance services are designed to prevent further deterioration by sealing out water and debris, ensuring your paved areas remain safe and visually appealing.


Believe it or not, restriping faded lines or markings is a form of pavement maintenance. Arrow Asphalt specializes in line striping services for parking lots and roadways. Our precision striping includes spaces, traffic symbols, and lines, ensuring clear guidance and safety for drivers and pedestrians alike. We also prioritize ADA compliance to create accessible parking solutions for everyone.

Enhance the functionality of your roadway or parking lot with our professional line striping services!


Our team addresses deterioration with our crack repair services, some of the most cost-effective pavement maintenance methods. Crack filling is used to repair deeper cracks, preventing moisture from seeping into the sub-base, while crack sealing is applied at the surface to seal and protect the asphalt surface. Both methods extend the life of your paved surfaces by preventing water damage and further decay.

Ensure the longevity of your paved areas with our effective crack repair solutions!


Sealcoating is an effective pavement maintenance tactic that protects your paved surfaces against damage from weather, water, and traffic. We coat your parking lot or driveway with high-quality sealants to extend its life and save you the cost of relaying an entire surface.

Contact us for the best sealcoating in the Oklahoma City area!


Sweeping is the first line of defense against damage to your paved surface. This service rids your parking lot of debris and items, like oil left by vehicles or surface flakes, that cause harm to the surface’s integrity.

Pavement sweeping from Arrow Asphalt LLC is a cost-effective way to ensure the long life of your asphalt or concrete.

Arrow Asphalt LLC: Oklahoma’s Trusted Pavement Maintenance Contractors

Whatever your paving needs, we have a service that will breathe new life into your parking lot, driveway, or city streets. Contact us today to see what we can do for YOUR property!


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